For over 65 years, Halocarbon has been the leading producer of high-quality fluorochemicals. Through chemistry and collaboration, this company creates breakthroughs that improve day-to-day lives.

Website Development / Paid Search / Search Engine Optimization

Website Development

A modern take on the old look

Halocarbon needed a website to drive conversions via form submissions for a product inquiry or direct sales contact. Our web developers designed and implemented a cutting-edge website with user-friendly functionalities and completely optimized pages.

Search Engine Optimization

This 100+ page website is completely optimized for search and out-ranks most other chemical companies in the same markets. Every page on the site has an optimal SEO title and meta description and includes a multitude of content that is structured around desired keywords. In addition to on-page SEO, we consistently add optimized blog content based on desired keywords to improve Halocarbon’s topical authority.

Take a deeper dive

Scroll and browse through the new webpages below in our interactive view. Simply click one of the page buttons you wish to preview and the live view will update.