What is Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by Bearpaw Partners
Everything Your Business Needs to Know About SEO Information has never been more abundant than it is in today’s digital-first world. However, with this excess of information, it can be challenging for businesses to ensure their website earns top visibility for targeted search words. It is more essential than ever for companies to create and consistently grow a compelling digital presence that’s discoverable and easily shared. The best businesses use skilled search engine optimization (SEO)...
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What Does A Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

What Does A Social Media Marketing Agency Do
Having a social media presence is essential in order to compete with the ever-expanding market of modern-day businesses. Not only does it implement brand recognition and draw in more customers, but a social media presence aids in projecting the values and personality of the business to the public. That being said, initiating a social media presence is not quite as simple as the occasional Tweet or Instagram post. Social media agencies know that your business’s...
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4 Questions to Ask a Social Media Marketing Agency

Questions to Ask a Social Media Marketing Agency
Social media is the crux of modern marketing, and therefore your company’s ability to reach its consumers is dependent on this presence. In 2017, social media advertising generated $11 billion in revenue, nearly double what it generated in 2013. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Medium are just a few of the platforms that can boost your business’s social media presence, but a social media marketing agency can take you one step further by implementing new strategies...

5 Questions to Ask an SEO Agency

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Hiring a qualified SEO (search engine optimization) agency can be the difference between your business ranking among the top business on a search engine or ranking second to last. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and is the technical side that is often overlooked. Over 93% of online experiences are based on a search engine, and 47% of search engine users admittedly select one of the first three listings. Brilliant content and well-researched ranking...
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7 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy

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Social media has become an essential integrated element in a successful marketing strategy. Designing a winning social media marketing strategy is unfortunately not quite as simple as a few tweets and witty Instagram captions. With over 90% of businesses on social media this year, integrating a winning strategy to place you above the competition is simply a must. For a business to invest in their social media presence, considerable time and effort must be put...
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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Over 83% of businesses today are using digital marketing to successfully reach their marketing goals. Digital marketing is directly impacted by the latest cultural trends and innovations and has an incomparable customer reach. Not only is digital marketing one of the most effective ways to promote brand recognition, but it helps your business to display its values and personality to its customers. Unfortunately, digital marketing is not quite as simple as a colorful advertisement design...
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4 Questions to Ask a Content Marketing Agency

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The content your business provides to their customers is the most important portion of your marketing strategy. It is a reflection of the values and personality of your business and provides a better depiction of who your customers are buying from. Not only does this reflection increase customer reach, but also customer loyalty. A connection is forged between your business and your customers when you display a glimpse of your business’s inner workings through your...
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Digital Marketing Stats––The Influence of SERP Results

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Every good business knows that rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) matter. The internet is congested with data and endless sources of information, and the amount of internet searches each year is steadily increasing. To put it in perspective, on average, Google alone processes over 40,000 search queries per second. This ever-growing amount of search queries paired with the surplus of information readily available make it challenging to ensure your brand receives top visibility...
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The Facts About Local SEO

The Facts About Local SEO
Millions of internet users search local businesses in their area each day to find quick and convenient results for their search queries. Businesses need strategic local SEO implementation to ensure their website pages rank on search engines for target keywords and phrases, build business credibility and awareness, and maximize visibility to local customers. Well-executed local SEO can help your brand position itself on search engine results pages (SERPs) so that your local audience can find...