Email Marketing

Our team develops email marketing campaigns that utilize brand-specific strategies to keep your target audience engaged, secure consumer relationships, and gain a more significant web following. These customizable, marketing efforts are designed with all-original content and creative designs to cater to your company’s needs and your audience’s interests and drive more sales.

Custom Audience Targeting

We implement custom audience targeting strategies that are built based on the interests, demographics, behavioral patterns, and location of the consumers your company wants to attain. In addition, we gather data on the age, gender, interests, income, style and/or location of email recipients to design custom-built, appealing emails with a specialized touch for events, such as the consumer’s birthday, sales on their favorite style of shoes, new releases of the blogs they frequently share to their social media accounts and more.

Consumer Relationship Building

Bearpaw Partners designs emails that keep loyal consumers in the loop and actively engaged in the happenings of your business, whether it informs them of a flash sale on their favorite products or sends them a weekly newsletter. Our marketing specialists learn the values of your business, so we can craft the most powerful email campaigns that elevate consumer relationships and improve brand integrity.

Measurable Results

Our marketing experts analyze the results of email campaigns to adjust future strategies and maximize the return on investment (ROI). In addition to ROI metrics, we track our email marketing campaigns for subscriber retention rates, open rates, and click-to-deliver rates. Additionally, Bearpaw Partners uses cutting-edge programs to analyze data associated with your brand’s email marketing campaign to help your business improve its digital presence.

Cost Savings

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to advertise your brand, market your products and services, and communicate with your target audience. Bearpaw Partners manages email marketing campaigns with cost-effective efforts, so your company can effectively reach your targeted audience and drive the results and leads that you want while staying within budget.