Brad Cooper Bearpaw Partners

Brad Cooper

Brad worked in corporate development for 10 years, specializing in the marketing of large North American distributor groups. He has spent the last 8 years driving customers to businesses around the U.S. with digital marketing campaigns, SEO, and social media. In 2010, he led the SEO and marketing efforts for the fastest growing med spa in the United States. He is a graduate of Princeton University. Brad is Google certified in search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising. Brad is known for his love of tank tops and tennis.

Katie Tolbert | Bearpaw Partners | Digital Marketing Agency

Katie Tolbert

Katie has been a member of the team for over two years. She specializes in the planning, implementation, and optimization of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, display ads, and retargeting campaigns. Katie helps brands develop digital media plans and achieve KPI’s while expertly communicating results.  She is Google certified in search, display, mobile, video, and shopping advertising. She also specializes in WordPress website design and development. Katie has managed dozens of website builds starting with initial wireframes to launch. She loves yoga, boxers (the dog breed) and the Carolina Panthers.

Travis Burnside Bearpaw Partners | Atlanta & Scottsdale

Travis Burnside

Travis is a hardware and software systems architect and entrepreneur with over twenty years professional experience, for clients including Merriam-Webster.  He has built systems to support needs as diverse as multi-million dollar payment systems, high-volume text messaging, and fault-tolerant content hosting. Having worn many hats as both a technical expert and businessperson, he can pitch in at any level on a project, bringing an integrated perspective and expertise in order for the project to be a success.

Dee Collier | Bearpaw Partners | Digital Marketing Agency

Dee Collier

Dee combines her creativity with her love for words as our Content Writer moonlighting as a self-proclaimed literary fiction geek. She holds an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing coupled with an Interdisciplinary Writing Certificate from the University of Georgia. Since then, she has been pursuing her passions for writing through her creation and development of engaging digital content for a variety of audiences. Her heart belongs to windows-down weather and a really good pun.

Sarah Story | Bearpaw Partners | Digital Marketing Agency

Sarah Story

Sarah specializes in the social media campaigns, creative strategy, and video content of brands and US franchises. Sarah’s cutting-edge campaigns and innovative strategies have helped clients not only discover new revenue streams but maximize their ROI. Sarah is Google certified in search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising. When not working, Sarah can be found watching re-runs of Judge Judy.

Ryan Paris | Bearpaw Partners | Digital Marketing Agency

Ryan Paris

Whether she is educating the office on the latest trends or incorporating them into her work, Ryan takes on every task with the seamless goal of customer satisfaction in mind. Ryan specializes in social media strategies, and is committed to helping brands reach new audiences through effective messaging and imaging. Ryan is known around the office for her love of health and beauty tactics and her addiction to reality tv.

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