Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your business to be found and your sales to boom, you can’t ignore SEO. Search Engine Optimization—fondly referred to as “SEO” by those in the know—is more than just a buzzword tossed about by modern marketing gurus. It’s a way of life here at Bearpaw. We live and breathe hardcore SEO strategy. We’ve invested in industry-leading tools to inform our strategic decisions, and we’re a highly dedicated team of digital marketing diehards. Unlike other SEO-driven digital marketing agencies, Bearpaw starts at the beginning: the invisible structure of the website. Bearpaw’s search engine optimized sites promise to be the most easily “crawled” by search engines as well as 100% compliant with all of the latest search guidelines. From there, it’s all about developing an SEO strategy focused on captivating, targeted content packed with highly sought-after keywords in your industry and matching it with cutting edge design so that when we analyze your results, we come back with stunningly positive graphs—and you end up with meaningful traffic to your site.

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Captivating, Targeted Content

SEO friendly content isn’t just about finding the right keywords and plugging them in. It’s about answering the right questions—and answering them completely. The best content on the internet scratches an itch consumers didn’t even know they had. And that’s precisely the kind of compelling content we create here at Bearpaw. Our writers are some of the best in the biz. They’re word artists, linguistics nerds, video gurus, engaging storytellers, and expert SEO professionals. Bearpaw writers are committed to the mission of creating content that not only tells your story, but also makes sure it gets heard by all the right people.  

Highly Sought-After Keywords

Your business has a unique audience; it’s unlike any other. But, if you want to expand that audience, you need to know exactly what they’re searching for and why. You need to know how to answer their questions—and be that answer they’re searching for.  That’s where Bearpaw comes in. Our premium analytics tools help us pinpoint all the most highly sought-after keywords within your industry. From there, our SEO experts dive into the numbers and come up with the most brilliant inbound marketing strategies in town. With the power of the best analytics tools on our side, we’re all but guaranteed to get your pages ranking for those top keywords.

Cutting Edge Design

Simplicity is key when it comes to aesthetically pleasing website design. The team at Bearpaw has some of the industry’s most talented website designers, and they’re eager to make your website a work of art that you can be proud of. Not only does stellar, cutting edge website design score well with consumers and current customers alike, it also scores well with search engines. All of our websites are both aesthetically pleasing— crisp, clean, and contemporary—and easy to navigate. We believe that functionality is just as important as style, and we’ve perfected the way to marry the two to create the most stunning websites on the internet.  

Top-Notch Analysis

As we’ve mentioned before, we use some of the most cutting edge tools in the industry to formulate specific, tailored SEO strategies for each of our clients. No two keyword strategies are the same, even within the same industries, which ensures that your business gets the first-class treatment it deserves. Our exclusive partnerships with some of the most revolutionary analytics tools in the game guarantees that we can offer services that no other agency has the ability to. When you choose Bearpaw, you’re signing on for an unparalleled experience backed by a relentless team of professionals whose passion in business and in life is analysis. In everything we do, we take our top-notch analysis to a deeper level and examine every decision from all angles to get your company the best results possible.